Significant Savings

Pricing Certainty


with solar energy

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Product features

  • No upfront cost
  • Energea build, owns and maintains the distributed generation plant
  • Customer's only obligation is to make payments according to a rental agreement with Energea, and continue to pay their new discounted electric bill from their utility
  • Start to save money immediately

What we do

We build distributed generation to supply power to the existing electrical grid.

You rent the DG Projects from Energea and receive credits from the power generated on your electric bill.

The difference with your new power is that it’s clean, stable, and more affordable — saving your business a significant amount of money.

Your company and brand support the environment through the use of clean renewable power.

How it works

We build

Energea already has several projects under development and will continue to build new projects.

You do not have to worry about any aspect of project construction, including project finance. There will be a project waiting for you and if not, Energea will build one.

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Ask for Proposal

The team at Energea will complete an assessment of your electric consumption and you will receive a proposal.

You save

Once the rental contract is signed, you are entitled to the electricity that the rented system will produce.

The amount from the system will flow onto the grid and the utility will give you credits for the electricity (electricity generated X utility electric rate = credit on the bill) This will all happen automatically with no hassles. The only new responsibility you will have, which also can be automated, is the monthly rental payment to Energea. There is no worry or concern over maintenance, or system production. That is all addressed in the contract and the risk is removed from the customer.

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